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 Bitkong -

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PostSubject: Bitkong -   2017-01-28, 20:38

Bitkong is a gambling site but the strategy is not though like other gambling site.
Instantly Bitkong Best Bitcoin Game
The currency in the bitkong is processed in bitcoin.

Normal mode:
They have faucet site which offers 10 bits every 30 mins
but when you link your fb account you will get 30 bits every 20 mins
in order to use the faucet your main balance should be below 10 bits

play mode :
Following these simple steps you can be winning Bitcoin from Bitkong fast and easy.
Register at Bitkong and they'll give you 100 free bits. One bit is 100 satoshi, so that should give you enough to get started.

Start with the Medium setting and bet the lowest amount, which is 10 bits. Pick a side, if you win take the winnings of 19 bits.

Repeat the minimum bet of 10 bits and choose the side that you won with again. If you win again take the 19 bits and repeat.

If you lose on either your first bet or any subsequent bet then your next bet double your bet to 20 bits and choose the opposite side that you lost from.

If you continue to lose, double your bet from your last one and pick the opposite side from which you lost from and repeat until you win.

Once you win, go back to the minimum bet (which is 10 bits) and on your next bet pick the side that you won with.

Repeat these steps and you will come out on top. In 10 minutes I went from 96 bits to 2,500 bits using this method.

Join here free

N.B: When you will gain good profit then stop and follow again this tomorrow.
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Bitkong -
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